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Scandinavian Contract Furniture

Plus 6-8


PLUS[6] & PLUS[8]

Kinnarps design by Larsvall & Höjer
As a high-performance chair, the Plus[8] is well balanced and timelessly sleek, offering excellent flexibility. So although you may be seated, you're never sitting still. Even in its basic version, the Plus[8] is a high-performance chair. The Synchron tilt makes for a well-balanced pattern of movement and for secure comfort. The fine contours are well balanced and timelessly sleek. And you can add your own personal style with Motif and Contour options. Seat depth, sitting height and backrest height are adjustable. When you compose your own Plus[8], you can choose between two different back heights and two different armrests. Top it off with a headrest that can be adjusted in terms of height, depth and angle.

Seat height       16.14"-20.86"
Overall width     17.71"
Overall depth     15.75"-18.5"