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Fall Highlights


Today by Materia is characterized by an interesting contrast of steel and textiles. The austere yet soft design permeates the entire piece. Available extras are a bolster and a back cushion, both of which can be removed thanks to the beautifully upholstered buttons. The backrest can be mounted on either side. Today fits well in open office spaces, lounges or rest areas. The frame comes in chrome or CbM* powder coating.

*CbM = dusty pink, rusty red, blue grey, green, white, grey, dark grey, black.


Alto by Materia is now available with a lower seat height. The design is characterized by simplicity, as noticed in its shape and the flexibility with which you can combine a number of units to create larger arrangements. The undulating shape of its cushions, and the fact that the shape is visible from the inside and outside, further enhance the identity of this piece and show off its beauty from all angles. An additional extra is a pocket sewn into either end-piece to hold magazines or menus.


The strong identity of the Anagram chair by Materia allows it to either be playful and colorful, or sophisticated and refined. With its robust frame and well-thought-out details, the chair can handle rough environments. The legs loop up behind the back tray, providing an elegant handle for easily moving the chair. Seat and back have die-cast aluminium buttons matching the color of the frame. The armrest with cast TPE gives it a soft feel and protects table tops when hanging. As an additional option there is a specially designed linking device.


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