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Scandinavian Spaces has pushed the brand to a heightened level of creativity when developing the NeoCon showroom experience for 2019. Staying true to the Scandinavian state of mind – the space will depict the brands interpretation of industry values, celebrate the importance of good design, and highlight the growing line of furniture for the like-minded creative. 

What will be the focal point of Scandinavian Spaces NeoCon experience? 

Color. Design. Life.



Scandinavian Spaces values the power of Color. We strive to deliver fresh, fierce hues that fuel the creative soul. Color is a unique, universal language that influences your life and impacts your mood.


To create art with intention – Scandinavian Spaces NeoCon showroom blurs the lines between fantasy and design. Design portrays the importance of the brands dedication to deliver minimalistic, functional products. We value quality with a strong sense of passion for shape, form, and materials that encourages people to unleash their artistic freedom.


Enjoy Life, embrace wellness, and color outside the lines. Life is a beautiful balance between work, play, and purpose. Scandinavian Spaces believes in the affect and power an environment has on an individual’s health and quality of existence.

Welcome to our NeoCon showroom June 10-12, #1191.

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