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Scandinavian Spaces partners with Nordgröna to deliver Convex and Pixel
Reindeer Moss provides natural, acoustic solutions

Scandinavian Spaces proudly partners with Nordgröna to deliver natural, acoustic solutions – Convex and Pixel – to North America. A lichen species grown in the woodlands and mountain ranges of Northern Scandinavia, the Reindeer Moss is sustainably hand-picked and transformed into functional wall art. The product is the result of a collaborative effort and exploration by the three founders of Nordgröna - twin brothers Joris & Sander Oudendijk, and Carl-Oscar Pressfeldt.

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Convex (square and circle panels available in various sizes) and Pixel (2”x2.4” squares) are fire-resistant, hypoallergenic, and completely maintenance-free for a wide range of use in office spaces, restaurants, and hospitals. Desired for its acoustic properties, Convex and Pixel are beneficial to the health and wellness of its surrounding occupants.  The unique moss purifies the air by constantly removing airborne particles through a cycle of absorption and release of humidity.  Due to its environmental qualities, the moss dries when the relative humidity falls below 35% and returns to its soft, luscious appearance when above 35%. 






Offered in 15 various colors – such as traditional greens (Moss, Apple, and Lime) and colorful hues (Copper, Salmon, and Purple) – Reindeer Moss adds comfort, beauty, and nature to interior spaces. 

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