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With a vision of simplifying communication in modern office and educational environments, our partner brand Lintex is one of the leading brands in Europe within writable surfaces. Whiteboards and glass boards are complemented by noticeboards, office screens and sound absorbers. Together with some of the most talented people from the world of design and architecture, they embrace a functional, simplistic and crisp Scandinavian style. 


Introducing Silk-glass
Silk-glass is a state-of-the-art material with a smooth, silky matt surface. No reflections, but just as good for writing and erasing as any other glass board. The unique Silk-glass surface gives their 24 glass colors a deep appearance and a rich, silky hue that responds to the changing light throughout the day. Writing on Silk-glass is smooth, and with the matt surface providing the perfect resistance similar to that of a sheet of paper. Erasing is just as easy as on any other glass board, just write and wipe. A truly revolutionary writing surface for any professional space.


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