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Thank You

Thank you icff

Thank you for visiting us at the ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2017. 
We hope that you enjoyed the exhibit, we are glad that we had the opportunity to show you our high-end Scandinavian design.

As you may already know, Scandinavian Spaces is the distributor of the stool Mr T by Materia -winner of the NYCxDesign Awards and the sofa Bob by Blå Station -winner of theICFF Editors' Choice Awards! Also part of our ICFF exhibition, -the sound absorbing Reindeer Moss panels by Nordgröna

Since there were many attendees at the show, we wanted to make sure that all of your questions about our products were answered. To order, or for further information, please contact us.

We hope to see you at our next exhibit, MetroCon in Dallas, August 10-11.

The team at Scandinavian Spaces.


Mr T by Materia, winner NYCxDESIGN Awards 2017 for best stool.
The T-shaped stool invites users to vary their seating positions from straddling to sitting up straight or on the edge—a brilliant way to offset the sedentary effects of sitting. A room furnished with several “Mr T’s” is eye-catching while also creating a space that encourages conversation and interaction.

Bob by Blå Station, winner Editors' Choice Awards 2017 for best seating.
The clever and popular “Bob” couch. This modular sofa also won Best Product at the 2017 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. “Bob” embodies a strikingly simple aesthetic integrated with a modular typology to become a flexible seating system. “Bob” can be configured into a single armchair or a 50-seater—and everything in between. 

Sound absorbing panels by Nordgröna.
The Nordgröna panels are one of the more unique green products to appear at the workplace as they are made from Reindeer Moss. The moss is type of lichen, Cladonia Stellaris, hand-gathered from Norwegian woodlands and mountain ranges. The moss panels also filter particles from the air, are free of allergens, and don’t require any maintenance. 

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