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Outdoor Furniture


Depending on where you live for many, now is the season to bring out the outdoor furniture. Here are a few ideas for your restaurant, outdoor fashion show -or anything in between!


Blå Station, design Stefan Borselius Fredrik Mattson

Sting is the result of an extremely manufacturing-orientated design process. The result is a stackable and linkable chair in aluminium and stainless steel, made in an unusual way. Sting is very comfortable with a slight movement and is usable in many different environments, both indoors and outdoors. Sting natural anodised is eco-labelled with the Nordic Swan and is 100% recyclable. 

Lincoln Center is a block in midtown Manhattan and is home to numerous cultural events. The Center ordered 3000 Sting-chairs from our partner brand Blå Station. Sting is an audience chair for outdoor concerts and is used by visitors year after year. Order Sting.



Blå Station, design Thomas Bernstrand

Kaffe is built to withstand outdoor environments that demand a great deal in terms of durability, but is also an ideal choice indoors. The “well-used” look of the seat creates a cosy, comfortable impression. Design-wise, Kaffe is a more formal take on the classic café chair; its straightforward, elemental lines are matched by the naturalness of the colors – grey and black. The Kaffe family comprises chair, easy chair, sofa and table. Order Kaffe.



Blå Station, design Osko + Deichmann

What makes Straw unique is the way in which the tubular steel has been deformed. Instead of forming the frame in gentle bends, the designers Osko + Deichmann have folded the steel tubes. Straw received with the Forum +1 Award at the 2010 Stockholm Furniture Fair. Order Straw.


Images: Blå Station.
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