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New Cabinets


New sound-absorbing cabinets from our partner brand ZilenZio, designed to improve sound in the spaces that matters to you the most. Entitled Tone Cabinets, these sound dampening design pieces were made to help built a balanced acoustic environment in the workplace or at home, ultimately making it easier to focus and concentrate.

As more workers inhabit open-plan offices, there’s been greater demand for not just acoustic panels but ways to make existing furniture better at baffling noise. Available in three sizes, the furniture is part of a broader trend that has seen noise reduction become a “major preoccupation” in Scandinavian interiors.
— Dezeen

Designed by Norm Architects,  founded in 2008 by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Ronn, joined by Linda Korndal. The firm is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

ZilenZio state that Norm Architects works with a vision that looks beyond sight. Guided by the body and mind rather than by trends or technology, their projects explore ideas that not only look good but that also feel good: Architecture becomes thoughtful, minimalism acquires softness and visual matter assumes haptic qualities.

Standard fabrics: Remix from Kvadrat, price class 3.
Accessories: Top plate, Square tray.

The Tone Cabinets were recently featured in Dezeen, View here.

Tone Cabinets, now available at Scandinavian Spaces. Welcome to contact our team for further information on or +1(855) 811-9676.

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Image: Norm Architects:  

Image: Norm Architects:  

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