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Nordgröna Interview


We met with our partner brand Nordgröna to hear about its most original construction materials: Reindeer Moss. 

Founders: Sander Oudendijk, Carl-Oscar Pressfeldt and Joris Oudendijk 

Founders: Sander Oudendijk, Carl-Oscar Pressfeldt and Joris Oudendijk 

How did you come up with the idea to use reindeer moss as a sound absorber?

The idea surfaced in 2013 at Lund University. A product was developed to utilize the inherent qualities of Reindeer Moss, while being easy to use and completely maintenance-free. A professor in acoustics from the Lund Engineering faculty helped us to develop the product with acoustic performance in mind. When we had the product later independently certified, they said it was–by far–the best product they had ever tested!

Where is the moss from?

The moss grows in the woodlands and mountain ranges of Northern Scandinavia. Nordgröna's moss comes from an area in Norway 15,000 square kilometers in size where it is sustainably picked by hand.

Is any maintenance needed?

No maintenance is required at all. No watering, no pruning, no light. The lichen is stabilized so it no longer grows and therefore needs no upkeep. The plant remains naturally soft by absorbing moisture from its surroundings.

In what type of environments do you do most of your installations?

While the product is suitable in any environment with normal interior conditions, the most common use is in offices spaces and public spaces such as hotels, hospitals, and restaurants. We’ve also installed reindeer moss panels in many private homes. Recently, a very beautiful installation was completed at the IKEA headquarters in Älmhult, Sweden. 

What are the benefits of using Nordgröna’s Reindeer Moss panels?

The product has many different benefits. The most prominent probably being the fact that its acoustic absorption performance is so high. However, the product also helps to filter particles from the air, while being free of allergens, and not requiring any maintenance. The panels can remain in their original state for many years without altering their shape or feel. For us personally, we like how a piece of authentic Scandinavian nature can be brought inside and improve well-being and comfort within interior spaces.

How many color options are there to choose from?

We currently have 27 colors to choose from and will be adding more soon.

What are the common misconception regarding Reindeer Moss panels sound absorbers?

That it is not actually moss! While the common term for the material is “Reindeer Moss,” the plant is actually a type of lichen. The species’ Latin name is Cladonia Stellaris. In Sweden we call it "Fönsterlav," which translates to "Window Lichen," because in the past we used it for its insulating properties to fill the cracks around the windows of wooden huts.

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