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Editor’s Award For Best Stand


We are happy to announce that our partner brand Kinnarps won the Editor’s Award For Best Stand at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Designer Johan Ronnestam wanted to create a manifestation of the Kinnarps brand rather than a classic furniture stand. According to Ronnestam, visitors can experience tons of beautiful products at the fair, but few brands dare to focus on an emotional brand experience in which the products are just one among many elements at the Fair. 

“Bold, clear and intelligent”
— Editor’s Choice Awards 2017

When Johan Ronnestam and the architect Förstberg Ling first got together to create the Kinnarps 2017 experience at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, they spent a lot of time thinking about the modern workplace. What is it really about and in what way can Kinnarps continue to create better workspace solutions? Technology has shifted the balance of power from companies to their employees. The only way to attract the future employee is to create workspace solutions where people can thrive and grow. Architects, interior designers, and of course Kinnarps all play an important role in creating sustainable environments that nurture conversation, creativity, and ideas.


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