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Mood Wall


mood wall / SILK

Mood Wall is a magnetic glass writing board, available in 24 selected colors. The board is made of tempered low iron glass without any shades of green, which gives the glass optimum finish and color reproduction. Using coupling magnets (1570-28-3), multiple boards can be connected, with subtle joints, to create large writing surfaces. Pen tray made of birch or Plexiglass are sold separately.

Now introducing Silk-glass, a state-of-the-art material with a smooth, silky matt surface. No reflections, but just as good for writing and erasing as any other glass. The unique silk glass surface gives our colors a deep appearance and a rich, silky hue that responds to the changing light throughout the day. A revolutionary matte writing surface.

  • Concealed fittings

  • Tempered, low iron glass

  • 24 colors

  • Magnetic glass

Overall height     11.81"-78.74"
Overall width      11.81"-78.74"
Overall depth      0.47"