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Lodger Seating System


lodger seating system

Minus Tio design by Theselius & Roth
The Lodger system is a super flexible system designed to fit in a wide range of public environments. It’s based on two seating modules – pouf and bench – and a planter. The planter may be connected to other units on all four sides. It can also be used as a table with top in oak or Swedish marble. The pouf and bench connect on the sides and come either with a white stained oak seat or upholstery in leather.

Planter dimensions
Overall height     14.96”
Overall width      14.76”
Overall depth      14.76”

Table dimensions
Overall height     15.94”
Overall width      14.76”
Overall depth      14.76”

Pouf/bench dimensions
Overall height     15.94”-16.73”
Overall width      14.76”-43.30”
Overall depth      14.76”