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karim rashid

The three Scandinavian furniture brands Materia, NC Nordic Care, and Skandiform have collaborated with the American designer Karim Rashid and presented the results at the 2017 Stockholm Furniture Fair. These include three unique furniture items that successfully mix Rashid's colorful design with the brands’ core values.




Rashid is one of the most prolific and colorful designers of his generation. With more than 3,000 designs in production, over 300 awards, and work featured in over 40 countries, his design has garnered legendary status. His renowned work includes products for some of the world’s most prominent brands including: Christofle, Veuve Clicquot, Alessi, Umbra, Bobble, 3M, Samsung, Asus, Kenzo, and Hugo Boss. 

Rashid exhibits art in galleries worldwide and is a winner of the Red Dot Award, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, I. D. Magazine Annual Design Review, and IDSA’s Industrial Design Excellence Award.

Rashid, who lives and works in New York, had this to say about his collaboration with the Scandinavian furniture brands: “Scandinavian countries respect design and it is a seamless part of their culture. When I work with various cultures I try to embrace the regional culture as well as the brand identity. I respect every company I collaborate with and work hard to understand what they do and what they need. With Materia, NC Nordic Care, and Skandiform, I saw them producing designs that are minimal yet sensual, technological yet human, innovative yet experiential. That is also my philosophy for the physical world. Working with the strengths of each client we created three original designs that are true to my vision and their brands.” 


KALOO for materia 

Materia is one of Scandinavia's most acclaimed brands in furniture for public areas. The brand is known for innovative design that makes users’ everyday life easier.


PHAZE for skandiform 

Skandiform is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of furniture for businesses and inspiring public areas. Minimalistic, safe and modern products are created based on the Scandinavian Sense concept. Furniture that provide character and harmony to spaces where people meet.



NC Nordic Care designs and manufactures furniture that combines playful and modern design with attention to function and aesthetics, as well as to the environment and humankind. The products are primarily designed for healthcare environments, but also fit well in cafés, restaurants and public meeting areas.