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Scandinavian design combines the essentials of functionality and beauty—it is the mind and heart combined. Experiencing a renewed surge in popularity today, the design to come out of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway has been decades in the making. Dating back to the 1800s, Scandinavian design received a jolt of inspiration during the art explosion of the 1920s, and blossomed in the ensuing years, into the 1950s. Known for its blending of function and beauty, and characterized by it simple clean lines, Scandinavian design has been shaped by its Nordic terrain and culture. Centuries of surviving in the demanding climate of Northern Europe has made Scandinavians expert at using only what's necessary and taking care of their resources. This hardy nature is expressed in well-crafted, durable furniture, built to last for a very long time. Meanwhile, the influence of democracy across the region translated to an ethos of making furniture that was accessible to all.

We believe the design of our surroundings influences us, our well-being, and how we relate to the people and spaces we encounter every day.  We are grounded in the research that shows how surfaces, colors, and materials affect mood, the rapidity of brain function, and the feedback loops of the nervous systems. All of this informs our understanding that a workplace interior can be the determining stimulus for engagement and productivity in employees. A functional conference table can encourage collaboration. A cluster of lounge chairs can invite people in, put them at ease, and stimulate conversation. 

At Scandinavian Spaces, we offer furniture from globally-recognized designers and the leading brands in the field. Our partner brands are known for bringing together award-winning, established designers with young talent. The brands are dedicated to providing a platform for these talented teams to bring completely new pieces to the world and to showcase their work.


Workplace Consultancy

Selecting the right design for your workspace makes all the difference in how the work will flow.  We consult on workplace design to deliver a concept for your space that will positively impact the organization and its employees. Our team is here to assist on projects of all sizes and budgets, from design of a complete complex or a home office. 


Award-winning pieces from our brands