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Materia design by Marie Oscarsson
Couture is a flexible range of furniture best described as a modern take on traditional 1950s and 1960s handicraft. The seats, which in terms of textiles have features such as quilting and upholstered buttons, are built on a decorative base that creates an exciting in-between space and provides practical ’unloading’ surfaces. The aim with this piece was to find a new way of combining functions and to create an item of furniture with a homely feel that also helps you to work more easily – for example by having access to power sockets directly in the sofa. A restrained design language is used, but this is counterbalanced by the seats’ soft forms. The range also includes room divider and tables.

Seat height        17.32"
Overall height    30.91"
Overall width     88.85"
Overall depth     33.46"