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Kinnarps design by Alge
A small format requires the same care as a larger one. If you work dynamically, with frequent briefings and short, sharp meetings, you know the importance of an efficient infrastructure that allows you to make arrangements easily and gather around a table at short notice. The Kinnarps Asto series is designed with this in mind. Simple, purely styled with modern steel legframes, these tables are, highly suitable for areas where smaller meetings or breaks take place.

Chipboard with wood veneer and solid wood lipping (beech, birch), laminate (oak, beech, birch, white, light grey) or tops covered with acoustic mat to reduce noise levels (light grey, dark grey or beige). Tabletop with wood frame,chipboard with wood veneer (beech) and rounded, solid wood frame (beech, oak).

Overall height         28.34"
Overall width          27.55"-31.49"        
Overall length         27.55"-70.86"
Overall diameter     27.55"-51.18"